The final key is here!

What if manifestation is actually a sequence…Not just a “call and response”?

What if… small manifestations are just brief communications with “the other side”, just to establish connection… But that the real magic is in the SHAPING OF AN ENTIRE SEQUENCE…


A full conversation with the Divine….

A back and forth repartee… of magic and integration, of strengthening and courage, of fear and of triumph, challenge and acceptance… 


For the desires of our soul to be made manifest… Through the shaping of our experience on earth?


What if… what we are actually calling in aren’t the events, circumstances, things and stuff… but rather… the impact of those things?


What if the actual manifestation isn’t the event… but the lesson learned?


Isn’t the pain felt… but the courage found?


Isn’t in the failure… but the redemption?


Not in the loss… but the healing?


What if most manifestations received are all part of an incomplete sequence?

What if we saw manifestation as a SEQUENCE of CONNECTED events, circumstances, achievements, things and stuff... all aligning to make manifest the deepest profound desires of our soul… And that “random” wants and needs that don’t come through for us just aren’t a part of the sequence?

What if the difficult events, circumstances, achievements, things and stuff were actually a gateway to accessing the strength required for our human to be equipped to show up for its half of the co-creation?

What if there are moments when our abilities are tested in external situations... that are entirely unrelated... that make no sense...  because it is best to test our readiness on circumstances outside of the “sequence in play” until we have gained the skills, courage, abilities, resolve, character... to apply what we have learned to our true mission…

That although some of our suffering feels random... it is, in fact, generating a key that is an energetic match for what will be required from us later on our path?

What if the energetics hold more intelligence than the event?

Then we would be called to look beyond what we were taught to see… 

To access the third axis…

The Final Calibration Key


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